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updated: 27-03-2008

Yearly a collection is being organized in quite a few churches for some goal that is clear and simple to bring forward. In the past this happened in a coalition of the German Gustav Adolph Verein, the foundation Silo, which had links to the Protestants in Belgium, and our Foundation The Gospel in Spain. We continue the work.

There is always a clear estimate, and the goals are stipulated in conference with the  people most concerned. 

In the latter years the money went, as far as it concerned Spain, to:
1999 SEUT  library and books

2000 grants students SEUT

2001 Ponce de la Fuente

2002 Escorial - contribution in the (re)construction.

2003 Chimenea. A study and library, not only for the students, but for the people from town as well.

2004 Project Moisés in Barcelona, for extremely vulnerable children and their families.

2005 Jaca, a project to renovate an Accomodation - spiritual as well - on the way to Santiago de Compostella.

2006 Again for the project Moisés, that is running so well, that more help is needed...

2007 San Sebastián in the North of Spain wrestles to remain a small church and to exist for the neighbourhood...

2008 A Workshop Theology for all church members, in order to have clear answers to questions of others and own

Any gift is welcome on giro number: 315.800 or bank number made to 'Het Evangelie in Spanje' in Zeist. (Holland) If you mention Diasporacollecte and the year, we make sure it comes where it is meant to be...