The Iglesia Evangelica Española (I.E.E.) (Spanish Protestant Church) is one of the churches recognized in the Constitution as  'rooted in the Spanish society'. 
The logo, that for  years and years on end was their emblem, dates back from the time of the Huguenots, and presents, even in the most abstract form we see below, a burning bush, that is not being consumed. (Exodus 3:6) 

As a introduction to New Churches for New Times (the theme of the  general 2001 synod in Madrid)  a more modern logo has been introduced in 2000. More and more the I.E.E. looks towards the future, and is looking for a way to stand as a church in the actual society, both serving and self-confident. 
Schooling was the key-word when she came into existence, both for children and grown-ups, and many a school was founded then, alongside the churches, and even preceding them at times. Alas! Most of them have been closed, often brutally, by the Franco followers during his reign. But the insight that schooling at least at the level of the staff and ministers must remain a most important item, a Protestant idea! is living still in the Church. Now this schooling is more and more seen as a continuing process of learning, both of ministers and lay(wo)men.  The ordinated ministers receive their refresher courses in a yearly Pastoral, a 3 days meeting, they are obliged to attend. (Don't think that such is implemented easily: every Spaniard is an arch individual, which hates to be sent or steered. Besides, the enormous distances in Spain, and so the costs of traveling, impede often that  people attend.)

Highly interesting articles are included as separate parts, to be collected, in the magazine Cristianismo Protestante. The S.E.U.T. is responsible for supplying refresher courses and actual knowledge for this all Christians, as it is for the academic education of the coming ministers, beside a part that is being given at this moment by the university. But they are working unto a full fledged university degree by way of the SEUT. Next of the ministers, there are the lays to be taken care of. Especially where Protestantism is not matter of course, the parishioner must be equipped to speak for her or him self.  By correspondence and readings the S.E.U.T. provides in this need. Not only that, but nowadays in Spain Protestant bookshops can be found in (nearly) all big cities, where freely can be sold and bought.
Nevertheless the problems of the Churches are gigantic.  
The I.E.E. has a website to be found on:     This site is can be viewed in French, German and English, be it that at times (wo)manpower seems to be lacking for regular updating.