There are many links in order to know more about the Protestants in Spain, some are totally in Spanish, some have an English section to, so just click and try!

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 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spain about Spain

http://www.netministries.org/see/churches.exe/ch10650 IERE in Madrid

http://www.iee-es.org  IEE

http://www.netministries.org/see/churches.exe/ch23907 Lutherans

http://teleline.terra.es/personal/iere.es/ IERE Seville, usually rather up to date.

http://www.mju.es/mreligiosos.htm Spanish, about religious questions...

http://www.interbook.net/personal/cer/Biblio/ibib6.htm library of the CER

http://www.protestantes.net/Enciclo/iencic.html encyclopedia of the Protestants in Spain

http://www.interbook.net/colectivo/idcsevilla/FEREDE.htm FEREDE

http://www.interbook.net/colectivo/idcsevilla/iglesias.htm Other churches in Seville

http://www.paginasamarillascristianas.com/ Yellow pages

http://www.centroseut.org   The SEUT, Seminary for the better Protestant Education

http://www.onlinebible.org One of the many sites where one can find bibles

www.ProtestanteDigital.com very actual news, some times per week, have an English extension. 

http://www.rwf2000.com/world.html   World council of churches